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    The Mobile Tech Summit is being held on 30th May 2018 in the RDS, Dublin.

    The Mobile Tech Summit will focus on the developing landscape of mobile technology and how to best utilise this within business. It will assess new strategies and look to the leaders of mobile to see how they are best using these to create better strategies.

    Topics Include:

    · Implementing mobile first strategies
    · The importance of user experience
    · App Execution: the importance of design, usability and content
    · Mobile commerce and payments
    · Being on the Wave of Mobile Advertising
    · How To Use Mobile To Enhance Customer Experience

    Mobile has ingrained itself as an unavoidable tool for businesses to consider within their plans to engage, sell, promote and share with the audience around them. Creating strategies to best support this through multiple facets of an organisation has led to a rush of new technologies, platforms and abilities within the mobile space.

    This summit will look at how to build your app strategy, improve mobile commerce, enhance brand engagement and more to answer all the questions surrounding how to increase mobile within your business.

    Who will you meet?

    If your job role includes the following responsibilities then this is a MUST attend event:

    · Head of Mobile
    · App Development
    · Mobile Strategy
    · Chief Technology Officer
    · Mobile Media
    · Chief Experience Officer
    · Chief Product Officer
    · Platform Strategy

    This summit brings together global pioneers and industry giants to discuss how platform technology can maximise and improve multiple business functions. Leaders will share proven and real-world approaches, first-hand case studies and industry lessons learned from the digital transformational path’s taken within this changing environment.

    This engaging summit is created uniquely to deal with the adoption of new technologies and processes within mobile. With high-level attendees joining us from around the world, the wealth of insight and level of discussion on offer sets this conference apart.


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