Adam Garfein – Vice President of Business Development Menawat & Co

    • Adam Garfein – Vice President of Business Development Menawat & Co's presentations

    25 years experience in operational and business transformation, profit improvement, software and analytics, program/project management, marketing and innovation in manufacturing and services firms. Proven track record delivering successful solutions for startups, mid-market and large organizations in automotive, aerospace, industrial, manufacturing, medical devices, construction management, private equity, software, telecommunication and government sectors. Identifies business opportunities, crafts strategic initiatives, and plans and executes projects. Guided by holistic thinking and action. Passion for solving complex business challenges with an emphasis on people, teamwork and culture to sustain gains. Accomplished business author and speaker. Former research scientist in the field of gerontology. Unique multidisciplinary combination of tactical, strategic and interpersonal skills.


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