Anna Browne – Commercial Director, Dataconversion, Ireland

    • Anna Browne – Commercial Director, Dataconversion, Ireland's presentations

    Anna is the Commercial Director of Dataconversion, Ireland’s leading data-focused software development company. Dataconversion is trusted by clients such as AA Ireland, Sky, Peter Mark as well as a number of Financial Institutions, to build customised solutions that enhance performance in three main areas for their clients: creation of comprehensive Data Strategies to complement Customer Experience initiatives; development of Customer Engagement Platforms to boost performance; and Data Integrity Management to improve CX and ensure compliance. Together with the Dataconversion team, Anna is responsible for devising and implementing strategies that drive revenue and growth for clients. Anna was recently awarded a first-class honour for her Master’s degree where her thesis focused on how companies can leverage data for competitive advantage.  She now puts her learnings into practice with the aim of consolidating Dataconversion’s position as the most trusted strategic data and software partner in the industry.


    Title: The best Data Strategy won’t compensate for the lack of a Business Strategy

    Synopsis: The increasing importance of Data to organisations has resulted in a rush to Boardroom to present a comprehensive Data Strategy. In her talk, Anna will discuss the importance of ensuring that there’s an over-arching Business Strategy in place first: even the most robust and rigorous Data or Analytics strategy won’t fix the lack of a Business Strategy. She’ll then discuss how a company’s Data Strategy needs to align with their Business Strategy to ensure successful implementation.


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