Bernard Chanliau – ICF Ireland Coach of the Year

  • My calling is around strategic transformational change – vertical learning – raising the level of consciousness of individuals-teams-organisations in order to future proof them in this VUCA world.

    Currently owner of BC Leadership Team Coaching, I’m a bi-lingual Professional Certified Coach (PCC- ICF since 2010 and Ireland Coach of the year 2015).

    I work with Fortune 1000 and ScaleUps organisations, offering deep experience of Dialogic Organisation Development (OD); culture and operations management for driving customer-centric business change strategies.

    My background includes 18 years in the IT sector with global Fortune 500 firms, reaching European board level, where I executed in strategic sales, and collaborative leadership roles throughout EMEA.
    This period led me to reside in seven countries on three continents (Europe, Asia, and USA).


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