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    Christine joined the Irish Tech Start Up ​Pointy ​team last year as the 19th company hire and 3rd female on the team after working for a large US online retailer as Key Account Relationship Manager. She brought her knowledge of internet marketing , E-commerce logistics & customer relationship management to Pointy where she spends her days in B2B interactions with small & medium business owners in Ireland, UK, US & Canada as well as doing other startup-y things.

    Title: ​How Brick & Mortar Retailers Can Compete in the Digital Age

    Synopsis: One of the hardest problems facing Brick and Mortar retailers in the digital age is ‘Path to Purchase’ It is easy to search and locate a product online and make the purchase whereas it is a lot harder to do the same when buying locally and that is why online giants like Amazon are huge competitors for Brick & Mortar stores. In response to this Brick & Mortar stores are adopting e-commerce. While there’s a lot of room for growth in online sales, a shop doesn’t necessarily need to sell online to benefit from the internet. Just being visible online and using the web to drive in-store sales can be a very effective strategy. Our talk will demonstrate a couple of ways B&M stores can harness this as well as highlight the unique way Pointy is solving that problem.


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