Cilian Fennell-Director, Stillwater Communications, Ireland

    • Cilian Fennell-Director, Stillwater Communications, Ireland's presentations

    Cilian is a Director at Stillwater Communications and is one of Ireland’s leading communications and messaging development consultants. He is known for his authenticity, passion and understanding of storytelling and communication, and works with leaders across all sectors in Ireland and internationally. Cilian has successfully adapted the story model to a business model and now helps companies, teams and individuals to discover, develop and deliver their story effectively. Working with narrative inquiry he guides organisations to find the true story that drives them and helps them articulate it to their various audiences. He has adopted this model for tech incubators and start-up boot camps in Ireland, San Francisco and China. He is the resident pitch coach on Highway 1, a hardware incubator programme in Silicon Valley. So far he has coached 90 teams which between them have raised over $160m. His clients include Airbnb, PCH International, Accenture, Drop, Encirc, The Ireland Funds, RTÉ, Molekule & Blockchain.


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