Declan Flood – Chief Executive of Irish Credit Management Training.

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    Declan is a lifetime credit professional who is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience with anyone who is interested in finding out more. He has written hundreds of articles on the topic and provides education & training in all aspects of credit management in Ireland and beyond. He is available to help you on an individual basis to improve every aspect of your management of credit. He is also an inspirational speaker, who gives unique insights into the untapped potential that exists within the Credit function of every company. He challenges conventional wisdom to give an entirely different view on everyday issues. Has spoken at conferences from Helsinki to South Africa and from London to Mexico and Canada. Goals are to bring 21st century thinking and tools to every company in Ireland and around the world. He sends out a motivational weekly email called “The ICMT Ezine” that you can receive every Friday morning. Simply email with the word “Ezine” in the subject and we’ll add you to the list to receive your weekly ration of positivity.

    Specialties: Credit Risk Assessment, Collections and Management of Credit.


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