Derek Murray – EMEA, Credit & Collections Team Lead

  • With a constant drive towards the use of automation in a world leading computing company, Derek has worked the last two years in credit and collections. Within two years he has risen to team leader, in a fast paced EMEA environment, while concurrently securing his honours bachelor’s degree in management.

    Titel: AI in Credit & Collections


    The purpose of my presentation is to convey the importance of AI use in credit and collections.

    The start of the presentation will give an overview of what credit & collections entails and a quick definition of what AI is.

    Moving on, I would like to highlight other fields where AI has been implemented and its success rate.

    Then, I will talk about areas of collections where AI could be implemented and possible benefits to organisations.

    Continuing on from where AI could be implemented, I would like to talk about future expectations of AI, subsequently finishing the presentation with a compelling, rhetorical question.


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