Diarmaid Mac Mathúna Director – Agency, indiepics

  • Diarmaid Mac Mathúna is Director – Agency at indiepics. He has been named a Top 30 Business Tweeter by the Sunday Independent. A regular speaker at Irish and European events, he has given many workshops on how best to use social video campaigns for marketing and communications.

    Title: Social Video in a World of ​Digital Marketing

    Synopsis: For ​brands​ to connect with ​consumers​ in the age of social media and ​digital marketing overload,​ we need to be reminded that a picture is still worth a thousand words. In today’s attention economy, ​marketers​ need to follow the lead of the global social media giants and use visuals and video to capture hearts and minds with “thumb-stopping” creative. This talk will provide a useful toolkit for creating social videos for ​marketing, with a focus on practical tips for harnessing the power of video on social media. 


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