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    • Dr. Nikos Minas – Technologist | Patent Attorney | IP strategist's presentations

    Nikos is a Senior Patent Attorney with MacLachlan & Donaldson. He is specialising in the protection of industry 4.0 innovations, and regularly advises on the topics of innovation harvesting, Intellectual Property Protection Strategy (IPPS), and IP assets monetisation. Before becoming a Patent Attorney, Nikos was part of the R&D team that put the foundations in the fabrication of Three-Dimensional (3D)- Semiconductor Integrated Circuits, which paved the way for the development of the Through Silicon Via’ (TSV) DDR4 memory currently used in next-generation HPC systems and graphics cards. He holds a PhD and Masters in Microelectronics, and he is the author of several highly regarded peer-review papers in the fields of semiconductor manufacturing and electronics.
    Presentation: IoT & Industry 4.0 – how to protect your innovations in the era of automation.
    The presentation aims to provide guidelines on how to develop an effective IP Protection Strategy for industry 4.0 innovation, which will help place your business ahead of the competition and significantly lower your corporate tax burden.

    Maclachlan & Donaldson
    MacLachlan & Donaldson offers expertly informed advice on IP matters surrounding the protection of brand names and innovation. Our goal is to assist clients formulate effective Intellectual Property (IP) Protection Strategies that will help them gain a commercial edge over their competitors. Key to our approach is that we take the time to fully understand our clients’ business and markets so we can give a practical, professional service focused on our clients’ specific commercial needs and objectives.


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