Edel Kennedy – Head of Marketing, URBANVOLT

  • Edel Kennedy is Head of Marketing for URBANVOLT. She joined the company when it was a startup and helped build it into the fastest growing energy services company in Ireland. URBANVOLT is now the biggest Light as a Service company in the world, and is ranked by Inc.com as Number 226 in the Fastest Growing 5000 Companies in Europe.

    Bringing her experience as a former journalist, Edel helped to build URBANVOLT into an international brand which is now the leading choice for Fortune 500 companies.

    URBANVOLT began by offering Light as a Service and is now expanding into other energy services such as Solar as a Service, as well as growing internationally.

    Edel has an MBA from Smurfit Business School.


    Title: How to build a brand for an entirely new business model.

    Synopsis: How do you market something which has never existed before? That was the challenge facing URBANVOLT when they introduced Light as a Service to the market. The company was taking a commodity product (LED lighting) and converting it into a value add service.

    But how should this be marketed and branded when it had never been done before?

    Edel will explain how she achieved this and the impact on the energy efficiency market.


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