Hugh Jones – Co-founder, Sytorus Ltd

  • Hugh Jones is a co-founder of Sytorus Ltd, a specialised provider of Data Protection training, consultancy and assessment services.

    Hugh provides professional Data Protection guidance, and is a frequent speaker at Privacy and Data Management events in Ireland and overseas. Through Sytorus, Hugh offers both general and bespoke training to organisations in the areas of data management and regulatory compliance.

    Hugh is an experienced project manager, and works with a wide range of commercial, not-for-profit and public-sector organisations to help them resolve their data management and regulatory challenges.

    Hugh regularly advises groups of senior executives and strategic decision-makers eager to understand and comply with data management obligations. He is also a frequent speaker for audiences where Privacy, Data Security and Compliant Data Management issues are central, both in Ireland and overseas.

    Sytorus’ services can be tailored to resonate with specific audiences in terms of sector and geographical region. Sytorus are currently active in Ireland, the UK, Germany, Scandanavia and the US.


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