Jennifer Brennan – Associate Director, Next Generation

    • Jennifer Brennan – Associate Director, Next Generation's presentations

    Jennifer is the Associate Director for the within Next Generation Recruitment. Jennifer has 12 years of experience in the recruitment sector, ten of these with a leading Global Irish Agency where she managed the number one Irish Office Support Agency in Ireland.

    Over her career she has recruited for all levels of roles within Legal, Finance, Office Support and IT.  Jennifer is fast becoming a taught leader in the area of IT recruitment and has spoken on events in the past on how to hire great candidates

    Working in recruitment for the past 12 years, Jennifer has worked across leading technology companies, multinationals, PLCs, Banking, Financial Services and SME’s.

    Jennifer has individually managed and co-managed high volume recruitment projects for the private and the public sector for temporary, contract and permanent roles.

    Areas the IT team specialise in

    Infrastructure, Security, Business Analyst, Testing/Quality Assurance, Development, Mobile

    Project Management, Data warehousing, Business Intelligence, Data Science


    Title: What candidates want in 2018

    Synopsis: Since I joined recruitment over 12 years ago it’s gone from a candidate market to an employer market and now we are back to a candidate market, which can bring a number of challenges for employers.  What candidates look for nowadays has evolved and it’s important that companies are aware what matters to them and what they can do address this.


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