Jill McGrath – CEO, TAM Ireland (Television Audience Measurement)

    • Jill McGrath – CEO, TAM Ireland (Television Audience Measurement)'s presentations

    Jill McGrath has been CEO of TAM Ireland since 2012. TAM Ireland oversees an accurate and effective audience measurement system for the whole of the Irish television advertising industry

    Jill has worked across the entire spectrum of the Irish Ad business.  Her career has included working in Ad Agencies, the Press, Radio, Online and now the TV Industry. On the client side Jill was Marketing Director in FM104 for many years and  set up the first online Dating site in Ireland Maybefriends.com


    Title: Joining the Dots

    Synopsis: Over the last decade there have been massive innovations in viewing formats and devices. Television has exploded onto screens of all types and sizes in all locations. This fragmentation brings with it the challenge of understanding consumers total viewing behaviour.  Jill will talk about how TAM Ireland are joining the dots to help marketers better comprehend viewing habits across all devices and formats in the Irish market.


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