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    Having lived and worked in six countries in the areas of trade promotion, philanthropy and Diaspora engagement I am now running a consultancy company in these areas. I have come to believe strongly in the power of Networking, something I had to focus on especially in countries where I knew nobody on arrival. I found that Networking was not just the ‘glue’ that made everything happen but was an essential key to ‘survive and thrive’ in challenging times and challenging locations. But here is what is curious – schools and colleges don’t teach Networking and companies don’t have strategies for it but everybody agrees that Networking is critical. Our mission in DM Training is to make individuals and companies better Networkers by providing them with the skills, tools and tips that will help them be more successful. We do this through online/offline courses, extensive videos and written materials and compelling presentations, workshops and masterclasses. We have established a roster of blue chip corporate clients in the UK, Ireland, USA and Australia. We believe that ‘life is a game of inches’ and small improvements in Networking can have very significant impacts.


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