Mario Gheghici – CEO, Federation of Marketing

  • Mario is the founder of the Federation of Marketing ( and is responsible for technological and product developments. Mario has over 15 years’ experience in media and advertising. Throughout his career, he has been a journalist, a PR expert and now he is known as a social media, online marketing, web development and SEO specialist. Mario has spent his professional life honing his skills in Digital Media, embracing all new revolutions in online and social media as they occurred through the years. Throughout his career, Mario Gheghici has worked on projects for some of the largest multinational corporations and in most cases, he has been responsible for developing comprehensive and effective SEO & social media campaigns.

    Presentation Title: Forget about SEO, optimise your website for people

    About the presentation: A non-technical presentation about how Google algorithms work, what is Google interested to find on your SME website, and how can you compete with the big ones. For example, how the hospitality industry changed based on pure understanding of optimising websites for people, instead of having a spammy website build mostly for search engines. What is the future of SEO, with Google Assistant (Google Home), Amazon Echo and how the AI of Google is learning now to provide personalised results to each user. And how important is Social Media for Search Engine Optimisation.


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