Martin McFadden – Manager – Accounting & Finance, Quest Recruitment

    • Martin McFadden – Manager – Accounting & Finance, Quest Recruitment's presentations

    Martin leads the Accounting & Finance division of Quest Recruitment, a leading Dublin based Financial & Professional Services Recruitment firm. Martin has proven experience working at Mid, Senior & Executive level financial appointments including Partner, Director & Senior Management level roles across leading accounting firms and select finance/audit/risk roles in industry, particularly Financial Services. His deep market knowledge of the Dublin finance scene, particularly of Professional Services, leaves Martin well placed to advise candidates on their options and to guide clients on staff sourcing.

    Prior to joining Quest Recruitment, Martin worked with a specialised financial recruitment firm where he was trained by experienced industry experts and honed his search and selection skills, specialising in Professional Services. Martin has a strong academic background with degrees from leading Irish, Italian & Belgian universities, most notably a Sacrae Theologiae Licentiatus and an Advanced Master’s Degree in Theological Ethics (Business Ethics) from KU Leuven, where he held a role as researcher for Professor Pollefeyt, Vice-Dean for Education at KU Leuven.


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