Niamh Phelan – Director Holistic Analytics

  • I am interested in working on advanced Digital Analytics implementations, or with companies who want to be advanced quickly. The challenges of measuring marketplaces and SaaS are of particular interest. I have run hundreds of A/B tests generating millions of dollars in upside for my clients.

    My expertise covers hosted aggregate data Web Analytics solutions (GA and Adobe Analytics) and on-premise, user/cookie-identified, time-stamped clickstream data. I can generate and analyse billions of rows of Clickstream data at <$10k per year tools cost. I typically deliver the following:

    – a single view of the customer across apps, mobile web and web (Visitor Stitching)
    – multiple attribution models for marketing spend (First-Touch, Last Touch, Participation, Custom)
    – multiple pagenaming conventions that reflect site topology and are amenable to
    analysis at different granularities
    – all key conversion funnels, with trended conversion rates
    – a testing tool for serving a/b tests with KPIs configured for doing preliminary analysis, an
    integration with your primary analytics tool for full test analysis

    Having run hundreds of tests, I approach testing in a process-driven scientific manner with highly developed guidelines around measuring success.

    I can also advise on how to structure Analytics and Optimisation in your organisation, centrally, with a core Analytics team feeding out to business owners, or de-centrally, more recommended for mature data-driven organisations.

    Adobe Omniture Suite (Site Catalyst, Discover, Insight, Test and Target, Search & Promote, Survey)
    Google Analytics, Clickstreamr, Tealeaf, Clicktale, Kenshoo, Visual IQ, Localytics, Tableau, PL-SQL, PostgreSQL, HTML, Javascript, Java, Unix, Websphere, Adabas Natural, Lisp, Python, Matlab, RStat, Salesforce

    In my spare time I like Machine Learning, Big Data, Blockchain technology and helping start-ups and charities (no charge).


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