Om Tandon-User Experience Director, DIGIT Games Studio, Dublin, Ireland

    • Om Tandon-User Experience Director, DIGIT Games Studio, Dublin, Ireland's presentations

    14+ years of holistic experience, building teams, processes, pipelines & creating massively entertaining & monetizing experiences for worlds best known IP’s including, Disney, 20th Century Fox, Hasbro, Marvel and many more. Alumni Y-Combinator (Incubator of AirBnB & Dropbox) 2012 batch.
    With a B.Sc (Hon) in Economics & Behavioral Economics backed by masters in Advertising, users and their journey is pretty centric to my approach.
    I believe in building product experiences from ground up. I am fascinated and passionate about UX design & research both as a strategy implemented at an products origin, when it is being conceived keeping it UCD focused, and fixing what’s broken in existing products. Having a background in Behavioral Economics and Graphic design helps me bring a balanced view to design solution keeping in mind users needs and aesthetics of the over all design.


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