Pascal Derrien – CEO, Talent Cloud Media (TCM)

  • Pascal Derrien is the CEO of Talent Cloud Media (TCM). Pascal joined TCM at an early juncture after having held senior Operations Leader positions in Microsoft, Gateway or Sony. Pascal is also a brand ambassador for the iconic social media platform beBee (11 million users) based in Madrid.  The Recruitment Marketing company has recently launched and is already attracting curiosity and respect from key opinion leaders in the recruiting sector. In 2018 alone, numerous clients have availed of TCM bespoke solutions realizing that using data in an innovative and disruptive fashion was key in having an exclusive tailored service. The TCM online marketing experts select the most efficient job boards, advertiser networks, specialized blogs coupled with the most relevant social media platforms in each country in order to create a full social media recruitment campaigns, not only enhancing clients, Employer Branding but attracting the most suitable job seekers.
    Talent Cloud Media create competitive gaps for customers whether they are looking for their next Hire in Paris, Barcelona or Dublin the company will help them to Market, Target, Select


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