Pat Larkin – CEO Ward Solutions

  • With nearly two decades’ experience in the IT industry, Pat Larkin is a well-known figure in the Irish information security sector. Pat is a co-founder and co-owner of Ward Solutions, the leading information security provider, and has spent the last 10 years in commercial IT management. Pat has also worked closely with Oyster technology investment group, chaired by Bill McCabe, assessing products and technology for investment. During the period 2000-2002, Pat led the development of First-Ask, an incubate of the Oyster technology investment group, which succeeded in raising $2.5M and taking the proposition to market in the US. As CEO of Ward Solutions, Pat is responsible for overseeing company operations, and collaborates with the board to define and articulate the company’s vision and develop strategies for achieving established goals. Prior to entering private business, Pat was an officer in the Irish Defence Forces, serving in both a line role and subsequently as IT Operations Manager of the Defence Forces Communication and Information Services Corps.



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