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    Peter Berends is the User Experience Curriculum and Team Mentor for the Industry Partner and Entrepreneurial Projects with Digital Skills Academy. Peter has been working on digital experiences for start-ups, SMSs, international and multination organisations dealing with their user experience and lead generation. Prior to working with Digital Skills Academy, Peter worked as a Technical Specialist in Google, where he was responsible for product improvement to experiences that are used by millions of users.


    Title: 4 Things Your Business Website Should Have

    Synopsis: When people set up a website for their business, they often look at what the competition does, or make some improvements on what they have been doing in the past. Even though this might offer somewhat of a step forward, there are proven strategies for creating a great business website. These strategies are based on the expectations and goals that your website’s visitors have. Creating a website that matches with these goals and expectations enables you to give website visitors a great experience, and to introduce, or sell, your product or service. These are the 4 things your website should have:


    A clear explanation of your product or service

    Recommendations and/or proof that it works

    A goal website visitors should reach and a Call-To-Action towards this goal

    The information visitors are looking for


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