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    Peter enables winning organisations to develop greater sales effectiveness. He focuses on ramping up their sales skills in medium to high ticket sales for challenger brands to the next level using combinations of live performances, workshops, immersive technologies and behaviour changing tools and techniques. These motivational sales programmes are designed to inspire individuals to be remarkable, authentic and truthful while enabling their prospects to become trusted repeat customers.

    TAB Boards Ireland, Business Speaker of the Year 2017

    Irish Business All Star, Thought Leader (Sales Innovation) 2018



    Title: Pay Attention or Pay the Price: The Business Benefits of Active Listening.

    Synopsis: Every customer is different, and it’s your job as a business person to identify what that customer values, and then match it to the product. Price doesn’t determine Value. Value determines Price. Peter Turley’s acclaimed technique will challenge the way you think about sales. Because it’s not about selling. It’s about the psychology of buying. When you understand that, you’ll understand why we say… Before you sell it, buy it.

    “The questions you ask are far more important than the things you could ever say.”


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