Sara White – Brand Architect & Client Liaison, Right Track Creative

    • Sara White – Brand Architect & Client Liaison, Right Track Creative's presentations

    Sara White is the co-founder and lead ‘brand architect’ with Right Track Creative – an innovative branding and web design agency based in Dublin. Responsible for client liaison and visual brand strategy, Sara has a strong focus on personal branding and coaches clients towards clarity  and vision in their brand and online presence.



    Title: Branding is Personal  – gain clarity & vision for your visual brand

    Synopsis: What is branding? Branding is a visual representation of the personality of your business combined with what your client connects with. Branding is personal. People buy from people and by putting a strong personality at the forefront of your brand you could dramatically improve your influence. Let us guide you towards clarity & vision for your brand so you can speak clearly to your ideal client and sell from the heart.


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