Shane O’Connor – Technology Risk Manager, Susqhuehanna

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    Shane O’Connor is the Technology Risk Manager for Susqhuehanna (‘SIG’) in Dublin.
    SIG are a quantitative trading firm specialising in ETF and Options market making and low latency, high frequency trading. Shane joined SIG in 2006 and over the past 12 years has developed successful QA and Operational Support functions before, in 2016, taking on his current role to develop and manage SIGs Technology Risk function. In his other life Shane is a Winter Olympian (Vancouver 2010), OCI Executive Board Member and Chair of the OCI Athlete Commission.



    Title: Cyber Security and your End-User – an anomaly – simultaneously a source of risk and a source of strength

    Synopsis: Cyber criminals will leverage technical vulnerabilities to gain and exercise their foothold in your organization but to do that they need access. Your end-user is typically the door on which the cyber-criminal will come knocking, looking to first leverage our human vulnerabilities and gain that access to your network. A good cyber security strategy will include layered defences and your end-user should play a critical role within this strategy. But what is that role, how far should it extend and how do you go about ensuring appropriate integration of your end-users into your cyber security strategy.


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